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  The National Football League (NFL) stated in a statement that the Patriots" star quarterback Tom Brady"s stolen Super Bowl jersey was recovered by an international investigation organization.
The NFL said that they have collaborated w...
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24.03.2018 08:18 - Best performance NBA 2K18
  Our home console is about half the time, and the 2017 video game is a series of new features, updated and pleasantly surprised. So, before we turn the page on this year and predict what the title of the journal will bring us in 2018, l...
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  Warriors quoted Kevin - Durant, which makes their starting strength doubled, and the Cavaliers this season"s signings appear more in the lineup, which is really our habitual neglect of the place! https://www.lolga.com
Cavaliers altern...
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 The PlayStation 4 version was patched in February 2017 to offer PlayStation 4 Pro support, allowing for 4k resolution and constant 60 frames-per-second rendering at 1080p for one and two-player split-screen players; three and four-playe...
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Последна промяна: 09.03.2018 09:32
 2017 NBA draft pick was officially released, thanks to 2013 and the Nets paid the game, this year the Celtics will have the first pick of the pick, is expected to make their team to further upgrade the combat power. But not every champi...
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05.03.2018 08:34 - The holder of the ball
 The American football game is divided into four sections, each of which is 15 minutes, between sections 1 and 2, and between sections 3 and 4, taking a 2-minute break and a 20-minute break between the 2nd and 3rd sections. The game was ...
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 The Baltimore ravens: strictly speaking, the offense of the Baltimore ravens is the most unenthusiastic offense in the league and should not be borne by the team"s first quarterback, Joe frakko. However, the day Joe Flacco announced his...
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The rocket league is an online game developed by Psyonix, an American independent game studio. The game"s new racing model has received a lot of praise at home and abroad, with more than 34 million players worldwide. However, in the on...
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Последна промяна: 26.02.2018 09:14
The Basketball Association of America took in the remainder of the NBL: Syracuse, Anderson, Tri-Cities, Sheboygan, Denver, and Waterloo. In deference to the merger and to avoid possible legal complications, the league name was changed fr...
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Последна промяна: 20.02.2018 08:14
 The classic lineup, which is used for some special online games in the game, the league"s bidding competition and other online matches requiring the use of the classic lineup. The classic lineup is also divided into starters, substitute...
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18.02.2018 10:10 - The character Devin Wade
 Madden 18 features a brand-new mode called Longshot, a cinematic and playable story mode. In Longshot, players direct the story of forgotten prospect, Devin Wade, on his pursuit to hear his name called on NFL Draft Day NFL Coins. Mahers...
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